5 Components of Health & Wellbeing

There are 5 Components to creating health and vitality

There are 5 components to creating an active, healthy, vibrant life:

  1. Physical - "I am active, move easily and can carry out all my active daily living tasks easily" RU living an energised, active, independent life?
  2. Mental - "My life is a journey, not a destination, explore, be inspired & thrive" RU exploring?
  3. Emotional Intelligence - "I am aware, and engaged in life, and take notice of my thoughts, words, actions and deeds " RU living in the moment?
  4. Resilience - "I give, receive, am thankful and show gratitude for all the things in my life" RU giving & receiving?
  5. Community - "I connect with family, friends, colleagues and the wider community regularly" RU building supportive relationships?