5 stages of change

There are 5 stages to creating long lasting change:

  1. Precontemplation - "Everything is good nothing bothering me here" - lack of recognition of any changes/desire to create change. RU Ready? No
  2. Contemplation - "Concerned, mmm what to do?" - recognition something's up, explore more option, fact finding mission. RU Ready? Maybe
  3. Preparation - "This is affecting my life, something has to change" - decisions to be made, need a plan of action and help. RU Ready? Getting ready
  4. Action - "I have a plan, help & support - Let's go" - take action, make that call, book that class, workshop, course, appointment and start your journey now. RU Ready? Yes
  5. Maintenance - "Yes I can - focus, review, evaluate and share" determination, persistence, will power and accountability to yourself and others are important to keep you on track to achieving your goal. RU Ready? Yes doing it