What does my score mean?


Great you are happy and there is no desire or reason to create change in your health & Wellbeing. Precontemplation stage.


Well done. You are ready for change but require a plan or further investigation. What area of Health & Wellbeing do you wish to create changes in? What do those changes look like? Comtemplation & Preparation stage.

The next part of the course will help you fine tune area to focus on and changes you wish to create.


Congratulations. You are ready for change and have a plan. Have you started that plan? Are you maintaining what you have started? If so, congratulations. If not then help and support are required to create long lasting changes. Action stage.

For help with maintaining or starting to put your plan into action give do contact us or view the programmes on offer.


Congratulations. You are ready for change and require help and support create a plan and reach your goal. Well done for recognising that change is required. Preparation stage.

The rest of the course will help clarify the changes you wish to create, then we can help you implement a plan to take action and being your journey.